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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

We had our best friends from Austin, TX come for a week long visit! We had such a blast with them, it was a much needed outlet! Here's to you, Michaelyne and Adam!! We love and miss yal- just MOVE already!!!

The 'Ol GangAuntie Michaelyne
Happy 19th Birthday Bon-Bon!!!

Micah, Irie, and Me
An old favorite of ours to do- went to one of Collin's shows out at Lake Las Vegas! AND it was Irie's first time out of Utero, seeing her Daddy play! She did so good, and loved every bit!!
Collin and I
Riding the roller coasters out on the strip!! I was finally able to go!! The Sahara is the BEST!!
Michaelyne and Adam
Silly girl time, always a must!
Adam and Izzy, new lovers!!
Bonny and Collin-Hot Rods!!
So, the boys took a bike ride up to Mt Charelston and cause of the baby, the girls drove. After we got to the top, we stopped and had lunch at the Cafe. Our plan was to walk around or take a lil walk, cause us girls had never been, but the boys took forever!! And it was too dark and cold by the time we finished :( Bonny was the only one brave enough to get on the bike by that time.... it was freezing!!! ( I had the baby)
So, after driving all the way back home, we realize my sweet sweet husband left the baby's stroller at the Lodge!! lol. So the next day, us girls made the trip we should have made the first day ;) It was so beautiful up there, and the weather was perfect!! And wow-some of the houses up there, are not only beautiful, but Huge!! We probably drove around for 45 min or so. It was awesome!


The Gotzingers said...

Sounds like a blast!! David and I are soooo due for a Vegas trip. :o)

sara,mike,rhett,and gage said...

I can't believe how tiny Irie still is! Soo cute. Sounds like you guys had fun! this is Megan's sister-in-law by the way.