...Once in awhile, right in the middle of every day life, Love gives us a fairy tale...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My precious lil flower

This photo is just so incredibly breathtaking to me! I know, I am biased, but she is gorgeous! Irie is a little snuggly cuddle bug! She is always burrowing herself into some corner or hole, its just adorable! This came from her being upright against my chest and slowly working her way down and into this contortionist pose! I think she looks like a lil Anne Gedde's baby :o) She is just beautiful!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

In desparate need of an update here...

Yes, I know. It has been far too long since I have posted anything! Time has just flown right on by, and looking back...I don't even know where it all went?! I guess I will just recap what I remember and see where that brings us...

Collin and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary...AWW... It was sweet! I can't believe its already been that long, we have come such a long way! He truly is my best friend and am so glad we've made it to this point together! I love you Collin! Here's to many more years!!

I finally went back to work, ugh! Been back a month now. I must say, I envy all you Mom's who can stay home with your little ones all day long. I mean, its nice to know I'm out doing something but I just hate NOT being with her. Not in the protective sense, just that she's MY little baby. Or I atleast wish I had the option to work OR not work, but my choice. But, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. And man, I am just exhausted more than ever! By the time Im done with work and all the things for the day...assuming I get them accomplished, I just want to collapse! I have never felt so tired. Maybe while I was pregnant, but this is a close second! It might even be more...Some day soon i'll have that option to stop if I so chose!

My little lady is 3 months old?!? Where did all that time go?? Its madness. She still just seems so small, like I just brought her home! But she is developing into a little person and beginning not only to grow into her features but her surroundings as well. It is so adorable! She has such intense facial expressions! I love it, i just sit and laugh sometimes at the responses I get from her! haha! She smiles all the time now and is holding her head up. She's awake so much more. She LOVES to look out, and watch people and things. Her eyes get SOOO big and focused! hehe its funny. My baby is growing up :o) She still just brings so much joy and love into my life, I can't imagine life without her!

Halloween- came and went way to fast! I had to work pretty much for all the events of the month, but I did get some cute photos. Irie was a pumpkin, basically cause nothing else fit her little body right! But she was the cutest pumpkin in the patch for sure! We got some cute family pics at the pumkpin patch that I cant wait to blow up and frame! ...I think that's it! Hopefully it won't take me this long to post again!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Light -hearted

Collin is officially climbing the age ladder-26!! He's no longer early 20's, but heading towards late 20's! hehe

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Family Picture ;)

Not a formal one, obviously. Still need to do those... but still cute! This is our first one as a family since the hospital! I know, I couldn't believe it either! Goal: make it a point to take more pictures of the 3 of us!

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

We had our best friends from Austin, TX come for a week long visit! We had such a blast with them, it was a much needed outlet! Here's to you, Michaelyne and Adam!! We love and miss yal- just MOVE already!!!

The 'Ol GangAuntie Michaelyne
Happy 19th Birthday Bon-Bon!!!

Micah, Irie, and Me
An old favorite of ours to do- went to one of Collin's shows out at Lake Las Vegas! AND it was Irie's first time out of Utero, seeing her Daddy play! She did so good, and loved every bit!!
Collin and I
Riding the roller coasters out on the strip!! I was finally able to go!! The Sahara is the BEST!!
Michaelyne and Adam
Silly girl time, always a must!
Adam and Izzy, new lovers!!
Bonny and Collin-Hot Rods!!
So, the boys took a bike ride up to Mt Charelston and cause of the baby, the girls drove. After we got to the top, we stopped and had lunch at the Cafe. Our plan was to walk around or take a lil walk, cause us girls had never been, but the boys took forever!! And it was too dark and cold by the time we finished :( Bonny was the only one brave enough to get on the bike by that time.... it was freezing!!! ( I had the baby)
So, after driving all the way back home, we realize my sweet sweet husband left the baby's stroller at the Lodge!! lol. So the next day, us girls made the trip we should have made the first day ;) It was so beautiful up there, and the weather was perfect!! And wow-some of the houses up there, are not only beautiful, but Huge!! We probably drove around for 45 min or so. It was awesome!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

She's starting young...

So I totally painted her finger and toe nails bright pink! I thought it was just soo stinking cute! I did it while she was asleep so they'd have time to dry. Man, was it a process! I had to hold each hand or foot while I waited for it to dry so that it wouldn't smudge! Then had to wash her hands to make sure she didn't taste any of the toxins from the nail polish! But, all said and done- SO worth it! lol. Everywhere I take her someone comments on it- and just can't believe how TINY she is! Her doctor said in all her years of practice, she has NEVER seen an Infant with painted nails! She thought it was really cute and took a picture! So this isn't the best picture of it, but she was awake and thats the only one I could get!

2 weeks!!

Irie is just continuing to get bigger and stronger- it amazes me she is already 2 weeks old?! Time has just flown by! So we just had her 2 week check up on wednesday- and she is weighing in at a heavy 6lbs 4oz!! (well, for her) Lol. It' a big deal for her though. She has been battling Jaundice and not wanting to eat at all, especially the first week! It just makes her so lethargic, but I guess she likes Mommy's milk ;) So week #2 went tons better! And speaking of jaundice, I absolutely loathe taking her to get blood drawn! They have had to do it 5 times now since we've been OUT of the hospital and it doesn't get any easier! The first time I took her was 2 days after we came home and they were checking her Billirubin- I cried! It just broke my heart to watch them do it to her! And ya know, the prick really isn't that bad...it's what they do afterwards when they squeeze and squeeze her poor little leg and heel to pull the blood out! And Irie does really well, every doctor just comments on how tough and calm she is. She lets out a cry after the prick, and then just breathes to keep calm and sucks REALLY hard! I usually can calm her down as I hold her to stay calm- she's a little fighter!! But this last time for her check up they had to poke her twice! Thats right, both heels baby! The first one was for her PKU test, and then we had to go to the lab for the Billirubin again.
So I thought it was a universal known fact that if you're gonna poke an infant or child, they'll probably do better in your arms.... That way they still feel some form of comfort. And until today, thats how all of them have been done. I hold her against my chest with her binki in mouth and they poke and pull the blood. Bless her little heart, she calmed right down after the first one, then we go to the Lab and the lady makes me lay her down on the table, ALL BY HERSELF!! She said she wasn't comfortable doing it while she was upright....whatever?! Irie just screamed and screamed, I couldn't even get her to somewhat calm down for a breath! I just cried right along with her! Her whole body was just flying everywhere out of control- cause that's exactly how she felt! I just wanted to hold her and tell the mean old lady to stop!!! And if it wasn't already bad enough, she didn't feel like she hit a "pocket" the first time so poked her foot in the same spot again! And she STILL has a bruise on her heel from it :( I hope I never get that lady again, or I'll just BEG for someone else!
So these are before and after pictures of that day! I love the way she sleeps, her hands are always up by her head, or holding eachother- its soo cute! The after one is of her poor little heels!