...Once in awhile, right in the middle of every day life, Love gives us a fairy tale...

Thursday, March 20, 2008


So one of our fav things to do around here, is Bowl! This is at the Santa Fe where the alley is open 24 hours, and its Cosmic Bowling! Anyhow, this was just a random night we went with Meg and Rick. It was a lot of Fun...as for the mens pics. Just don't ask...

I only claim him half the time...

Sisterly love...

This picture wasn't planned, they are both just Goofs!

MEN and Pictures....

Don't you just love when you ask them to smile, and this is what they give you?!?! Or is just me? For those of you who don't have this problem, count it as a blessing! I love the man, but the smart-ass-ness could go sometimes ;)

Goodbye Austin!!

These photos were taken our last night in Austin, TX at the Stardust Lounge where Collin played his last show with the Band. The show was amazing!! That's what made it sort of sad...knowing we were leaving it behind. Plans changed with jobs, finding out I was pregnant- time to be closer to home we thought. So, off we went! It was sad to leave all of our friends...I miss yal already! But we are going back the end of March for another show that Collin will be a part of :o) yay! ( I love my little man) It will be so fun going back for a visit. Austin is such a great city- and so green!! I miss that here in the Las Vegas desert...blagh! Anyhow, so this is our little Goodbye tribute to Austin. Definitely not the last!


Yes, it's finally true! Well, he's not, I AM!! After almost 8 years of hearing from doctors how nearly impossible it would be for me to conceive without in-vitro or lots of help-we proved them wrong!! And it wasn't even planned, nor were we trying! In fact, I haven't been on birth control our whole marriage and nothing! I realized around Christmas I was real late, and gave in to taking a test with my mother in law, who thought she might have been! I was very reluctant as I had been this late before and never gotten the result I wanted from the Pregnancy test, and didn't wanna get my hopes up. So we bought a pack which she took immediately and was negative. I however was too chicken and waited a few days to even take it! Then as I looked down at the stick- my jaw dropped to the floor! I took one more even cause there was no way it was correct. Well, the second one was no different...and then the tears came! I was so excited for this blessing that was so unexpected! Just knowing it was possible and happening! It was awesome! And what a nice Christmas present for ourselves- it really couldn't have been better. For those of you who already knew, sorry- I'm a bit of a slacker! But I figured it was time to put a post in about it :o)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Little Diva!

OOO...Lah Lah!

Look at those bedroom eyes...steamy!

Oh- Im just so beautiful! Look at me...

It's almost scary how well she just goes into these poses and faces, but yet I feel so proud! haha! It started with us telling her to do a Jenn face...a little sassy kissy face- those of you who know me, know exactly what I'm talking about. And now when she's around me she just does it! She's a little sexy diva and doesn't even know it! She's only 3!! Lol. Samera and I have a special bond with one another, and are very close! Im always so excited to see her and visa-versa.

Da Girls!

After Christmas we got to go out an do a little returning and running around, just the girls. It was so much fun being around my sisters and wittle nieces. I love that we don't have to do anything in particular, but always manage to have a blast laughing till we cry! They're all just getting so big, its beginning to make me feel old!

In the pictures are Samera, Bri, Liz, Destiny, Michelle and I.

Ok- wow! Look at Elizabeth's eyes- How did I get skipped with the Beautiful blue eyes?!? Man, they are just giant and gorgeous! I think she looks so stunning! (I did her hair and make up, thank you!)

Little Destiny and Michelle...doing the weird laughing head shake, open mouthed- whatever that she does?! I don't get it, but its adorable to watch. That girl is just getting so big!!

New Mexico with Grannie!!

So there was one perk of traveling so stinking far to live in Austin... every time we drove to or from we got to pass through Alamogordo, New Mexico and visit Grannie! She loved every bit of it,and so did we. It also helped to break up that LONG drive!! She is such a feisty little old woman I tell ya, but always willing to give and do. So this was on our way back home to Phoenix for Christmas. Yay! 9 months is a long time! We got to go with her to a town Christmas program for lunch, and musical entertainment. By far, we were the youngest there. But it was a blast! And I loved the tree thats behind us, its a little Cowboy-ish brown decor tree- so awesome!! I love Christmas...and I love you Grannie!!


So I officially suck with this blogging thing. Actually I guess most of it is finding the time to keep it updated! haha Or waiting on yourself to upload photos to go with what you're wanting to post. Offender of both. I've also been so stinking sick- bronchitis! Ugh! Not good for people with asthma. Ive had it for 2 and a half months- go away! It is still somehow lingering for me... Anyhow, I figured I could start with this and begin blogging again! :o)