...Once in awhile, right in the middle of every day life, Love gives us a fairy tale...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

She's starting young...

So I totally painted her finger and toe nails bright pink! I thought it was just soo stinking cute! I did it while she was asleep so they'd have time to dry. Man, was it a process! I had to hold each hand or foot while I waited for it to dry so that it wouldn't smudge! Then had to wash her hands to make sure she didn't taste any of the toxins from the nail polish! But, all said and done- SO worth it! lol. Everywhere I take her someone comments on it- and just can't believe how TINY she is! Her doctor said in all her years of practice, she has NEVER seen an Infant with painted nails! She thought it was really cute and took a picture! So this isn't the best picture of it, but she was awake and thats the only one I could get!

2 weeks!!

Irie is just continuing to get bigger and stronger- it amazes me she is already 2 weeks old?! Time has just flown by! So we just had her 2 week check up on wednesday- and she is weighing in at a heavy 6lbs 4oz!! (well, for her) Lol. It' a big deal for her though. She has been battling Jaundice and not wanting to eat at all, especially the first week! It just makes her so lethargic, but I guess she likes Mommy's milk ;) So week #2 went tons better! And speaking of jaundice, I absolutely loathe taking her to get blood drawn! They have had to do it 5 times now since we've been OUT of the hospital and it doesn't get any easier! The first time I took her was 2 days after we came home and they were checking her Billirubin- I cried! It just broke my heart to watch them do it to her! And ya know, the prick really isn't that bad...it's what they do afterwards when they squeeze and squeeze her poor little leg and heel to pull the blood out! And Irie does really well, every doctor just comments on how tough and calm she is. She lets out a cry after the prick, and then just breathes to keep calm and sucks REALLY hard! I usually can calm her down as I hold her to stay calm- she's a little fighter!! But this last time for her check up they had to poke her twice! Thats right, both heels baby! The first one was for her PKU test, and then we had to go to the lab for the Billirubin again.
So I thought it was a universal known fact that if you're gonna poke an infant or child, they'll probably do better in your arms.... That way they still feel some form of comfort. And until today, thats how all of them have been done. I hold her against my chest with her binki in mouth and they poke and pull the blood. Bless her little heart, she calmed right down after the first one, then we go to the Lab and the lady makes me lay her down on the table, ALL BY HERSELF!! She said she wasn't comfortable doing it while she was upright....whatever?! Irie just screamed and screamed, I couldn't even get her to somewhat calm down for a breath! I just cried right along with her! Her whole body was just flying everywhere out of control- cause that's exactly how she felt! I just wanted to hold her and tell the mean old lady to stop!!! And if it wasn't already bad enough, she didn't feel like she hit a "pocket" the first time so poked her foot in the same spot again! And she STILL has a bruise on her heel from it :( I hope I never get that lady again, or I'll just BEG for someone else!
So these are before and after pictures of that day! I love the way she sleeps, her hands are always up by her head, or holding eachother- its soo cute! The after one is of her poor little heels!

Monday, August 11, 2008


So now that I actually have a little bit more time to actually update my blog, I can actually write a little bit. I look back at the past 9 months and how hard they were. The doctor, the delivery, the pains, the fact I ever got pregnant, and more that I carried her FULL term! I have just been given a miracle!! There have been so many hiccups, major and minor, that I honestly was losing faith all of this would work out to our benefit. I was more filled with fear and anxiety, just trying so hard to rely on the Lord and have the faith that I would need to see it all through. And now, I just sit back and look at this little miracle of an Angel that has been placed in my care, and am so overwhelmed! With joy and gladness, and thanks! It just brings me to tears every time I think about how it all ended up, and how the Lord's hand was over it all. We really had angels carrying us through to the very end. I've always been told that I was surrounded by angels, and that they were there in my times of need and of joy. I know they're still around us today. And I am so grateful for all of the support and prayers and just kind thoughts that got sent our way. They meant so much to me as I was going through all of this. And just seeing all of the people that rallied around us after wards, wanting to see Irie, and just wanting to know how they could help, letting us know we were loved! We really have been so blessed, and I want to thank all of you that allowed the Lord to work through your hands on our behalf. And now I have the sweetest little bundle of joy, in my arms!

I honestly never thought I would be able to know truly what it was like to bring something I had a hand in creating into this world. That total feeling of becoming a mother. I'm noticing the smallest changes in how protective and selfless I've become! And its just been such a natural transition for me, having her, that I hadn't even really noticed. Collin brought it up as he was thanking me for being an amazing Mom to Irie in the ways that I take care of her. Its the sweetest feeling I have ever felt. She has the sweetest, most pure, calming spirit about her. And she is strong, just filled with strength! All the nurses at the hospital, and the doctor kept telling me what a strong little girl I had!! She kinda had to be, and I knew that she would be- I could feel it the whole time I carried her. I know the Lord was with her, giving her added strength to handle the hiccups I was dealing with too! She gave me so much comfort, and now I find myself so often just sitting and staring at her, just in tears. Still taking strength from her. I'm just in awe, I can feel the spirit so strongly in those moments- its amazing! The Lord really does love his little ones. And how blessed I am to have been given one!! She has brought such immense joy into our lives, I never knew was missing. Even down to her soft little cry! It breaks my heart to hear it, but its just so simple and cute! She is the tiniest little baby we've ever had in my family- I want her to just stay that way! I know the time will come and slowly she'll get bigger and bigger...but for now, I am just enjoying it all while I still can! Isn't it amazing how in these tiny little bodies are these giant spirits, so matured, and perfect? These spirits that are in our hands to mold and shape and prepare them for whats coming?! I've always been told that motherhood would be my greatest calling in life- and now I'm so excited to do just that! And watch her grow and become who the Lord wants her to be through my hands. I know this was more of a personal entry, but I just had to get it out and into writing. I am just constantly reminded of the little MIRACLE she is! The miracle this whole journey has been! And just the miracle of life itself!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

First Bath

So I must admit, I was really nervous to give Irie her first bath ;/ Nervous she'd be cold, or the water too hot, she'd hate it, I'd do it wrong or soak her umbilical nub?!?! You name it, I thought it, I know right... typical new Mom- she Loved it!! She was in heaven, probably cause it reminded her of home! Just look at how peaceful she looks there, she was practically asleep. It was a little shock at first, but once she got into the water and realized how warm it was she relaxed right away! It was so cute too- she managed to get both feet and hands over the side of the little mesh part that lays over the bath so they could sit in the water!! It was so cute!! And I LOVE the way she smells after a bath, its the sweetest, most simple smell ever!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Here she is, at last!!

Irie Stella Freestone

Born July 30th, 2008 @ 7:50 am
5 lbs, 13 oz and 18 inches long
Proud parents: Collin and Jenn
Proud Family: All our loved ones

Irie Stella Freestone Ready to head home! She's so tiny her clothes hardly fit her! ( I think we're gonna have to try preemie clothes!)

The Proud Daddy and Little IrieCan you see the wrapping already beginning??

Irie Stella FreestoneMomma and Baby IrieI'm just in love!

For those of you who know know...its pronounced eye-ree. Its Jamaican for meaning "the ultimate positive of high in life" It's a spiritual level of enlightenment. The name fits her so perfectly! She's so tiny her clothes hardly fit her!

The Day Before...

So Tuesday, I had my weekly checkup at the OB, and guess what?! We're having the baby! My contractions were really strong and due to my spine, the doctor didn't wanna wait for the results of an MRI- I would have popped first anyhow! So we went up to the check out counter and the lady says "OK, we will see you tomorrow. Check- in time is at 5:30am Surgery is 7:30am." what?!?!?! lol. I was so not prepared to hear that- it was already 4pm as it was. I was relieved and so excited, yet so nervous all at the same time! That was a night so full of excitement for everyone! Here I am the day before the baby, and 38 weeks!!

Side profile
I measured 38 inches around- what a massive waist line!!!
Collin thought this picture was so funny- its kinda creepy looking though ;/