...Once in awhile, right in the middle of every day life, Love gives us a fairy tale...

Friday, April 25, 2008

ITS A GIRL!!!! :O)

We are so excited to have her!! She's just gonna melt Collins little heart! And wow- were we thrown for a loop... we were so sure that it was a boy! We had the name picked out and everything...then surprise surprise- ITS A GIRL!! We couldn't be happier! But now we are up in the air as to the name...or should I say "trying to agree." She will be the only girl around so many boys?!? Between all the cousins and in laws in mine and Collin's family, there are 10- all pregnant! And whats creepier, we are all due within like 3 months! from beginning to end, so almost bi-weekly! They are ALL HAVING BOYS!!! Haha- who knows, maybe she'll get spoiled... But I know she'll be more then well rounded and tolerant! So, I've actually known for about a month or so now but I really wanted to be able to put the Ultrasound pictures up cause I thought they were so cute!! And I finally got them all scanned...so here they are!

So this was just a length shot so that we could see how she was laying from head to foot and how long she is!

This is her showing how womanly she is! Haha! Its her two legs stretched out and the other is the view from the feet towards the head- there's nothing sticking up, she's definitely a girl!!

This is just a closer up facial picture. You can distinctly her little eyes, nose, lips and brain!!

Our little peanut is a strong one! Look at her, "Hey Mom! Look what I can do!?!" Haha When we saw that in the ultrasound, I about died! She's totally flexing! It was so cute- she's got a little personality already!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stress= Contractions :(

So I almost got into a really bad accident the other day on the freeway- not my fault, but I was BARELY able to avoid it! Needless to say it freaked me out and my heart was pounding so fast for a good 20 min! I've never been in an accident, or that close to one...not fun. Anyhow, I thought I was fine until I got home and about 20 minutes later realized I was having the worst cramps ever! But they were all over I could hardly move they hurt so bad! I laid down and after awhile realized it was not going away or getting any better! So I called the Doc, and well for the past two days I have been having pre-term contractions and am currently on bed rest :( blah! As long as when I'm laying down they get better and further apart, and I'm not spotting, then I'm ok. But if it keeps persisting I'm going to the ER! It sucks, I feel so lazy, but its hard to move around I get so exhausted!! So thats my update....prayers my way will always be welcomed!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

My growing belly...

Everyone says that one day you wake up and its just there, full, big and in your way! I did wake up one morning and aha! I had a bump...but slowly but surely mine has continued to get bigger and bigger! I guess I should count my blessings that Im Already 5 1/2 months and am not a giant! But at the same time, you kinda just want it... Here's an update from last week... And me with the boys trying to see whose was bigger and if they actually looked prego... Collin comes in a close second I think ;p Maybe we'll have twins!

Crash and Burn

My stubborn husband... Went riding the other weekend, without a helmet on and what happens?! So apparently he was going quite fast when he came up on a small ditch that he didn't have time to slow down for by the time he saw it. The last thing he remembers is doing a handstand as the quad is flipping... Luckily for him he wasn't alone. His cousin saw it happen said he got about 15 ft of air before landing... And when he came up on Collin, he was completely unconscious!! It took him about five minutes to fully come to before realizing what had happened...maybe it was the blood gushing out of his head and running down his side, or the fact that he and the quad were no longer in tact...they brought him home and he was so out of it, and probably going in and out of shock with a concussion. It was so scary and I felt so bad for him! But he has managed to heal up and the big bruises are just beginning to clear up. Anyhow, these are just a few pics of his battle wounds. He had road rash everywhere- back, butt, shoulders, legs, even on his head where it had scraped along the ground... and one huge gash in his head which a day later, I managed to pull a rock out of! Poor guy! We also decided to go back and find where he had crashed, which was quite easy as there was blood on the ground marking his crash... I wanted to pass out when I saw how far he actually got tossed! He landed bout 30 feet from the ditch where he hit!! Cringe... Not so much one for pain, so we fought forever about going to the ER and letting me clean it out. Needless to say- he totally won! But I did manage to clean the thing a week later! There was STILL tons of dirt on it, yuck!

Easter Hike

So we decided that since were up here without much family or little ones running around making Easter more exciting, that we wanted to get out and do something. We went hiking Easter morning at Red Rock Canyon- it was beautiful!!! We had so much fun and the dogs had a blast running through the wash and terrain! Then we went and had dinner with Rick's family, yum yum! Happy Easter!!