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Sunday, August 17, 2008

2 weeks!!

Irie is just continuing to get bigger and stronger- it amazes me she is already 2 weeks old?! Time has just flown by! So we just had her 2 week check up on wednesday- and she is weighing in at a heavy 6lbs 4oz!! (well, for her) Lol. It' a big deal for her though. She has been battling Jaundice and not wanting to eat at all, especially the first week! It just makes her so lethargic, but I guess she likes Mommy's milk ;) So week #2 went tons better! And speaking of jaundice, I absolutely loathe taking her to get blood drawn! They have had to do it 5 times now since we've been OUT of the hospital and it doesn't get any easier! The first time I took her was 2 days after we came home and they were checking her Billirubin- I cried! It just broke my heart to watch them do it to her! And ya know, the prick really isn't that bad...it's what they do afterwards when they squeeze and squeeze her poor little leg and heel to pull the blood out! And Irie does really well, every doctor just comments on how tough and calm she is. She lets out a cry after the prick, and then just breathes to keep calm and sucks REALLY hard! I usually can calm her down as I hold her to stay calm- she's a little fighter!! But this last time for her check up they had to poke her twice! Thats right, both heels baby! The first one was for her PKU test, and then we had to go to the lab for the Billirubin again.
So I thought it was a universal known fact that if you're gonna poke an infant or child, they'll probably do better in your arms.... That way they still feel some form of comfort. And until today, thats how all of them have been done. I hold her against my chest with her binki in mouth and they poke and pull the blood. Bless her little heart, she calmed right down after the first one, then we go to the Lab and the lady makes me lay her down on the table, ALL BY HERSELF!! She said she wasn't comfortable doing it while she was upright....whatever?! Irie just screamed and screamed, I couldn't even get her to somewhat calm down for a breath! I just cried right along with her! Her whole body was just flying everywhere out of control- cause that's exactly how she felt! I just wanted to hold her and tell the mean old lady to stop!!! And if it wasn't already bad enough, she didn't feel like she hit a "pocket" the first time so poked her foot in the same spot again! And she STILL has a bruise on her heel from it :( I hope I never get that lady again, or I'll just BEG for someone else!
So these are before and after pictures of that day! I love the way she sleeps, her hands are always up by her head, or holding eachother- its soo cute! The after one is of her poor little heels!


The Gotzingers said...

You'd think that after us having 5 kids you'd get used to the stupid test... but no! I cried just as hard when Garrett had to have it done. I agree.... MEAN OL' LADIES!! No, No!

Tyler and Andrea said...

Weston had Jaundice really bad. YOur lucky you got to leave the hospital with her, we had to stay a few extra days and he had to be put under UV lights-- it was horrible.
The only thing that cures it, is to just feed, feed, feed her. It gets the whole body systom working.
Good luck!